Fund Promotion

Crest aims to achieve the desired outcomes by aligning our interests with our clients with a performance and retainer remuneration structure.

Marketing and regulatory documentation

  • Prepare an offer document
  • Manage the production of marketing material e.g. investor reports, powerpoint presentation
  • Tailor communication to the appropriate audience

Marketing strategy

  • Manage the communication strategy
  • Educate internal and external stakeholders
  • Develop a tactical marketing program i.e. strategies to attract investors


  • Identify potential investors in target market
  • Approach wholesale investors and asset consultants based in Australia and parts of Asia
  • Approach dealer groups, private banks and family offices based in Australia

Experience in promoting funds (and investment strategies) to institutions on behalf of:

  • Tikehau Investment Management
  • Global Asset Management (GAM)
  • HSBC Asset Management

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